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Tatiana Lecomte

Then Hitler invaded Austria. Vertreibung in die Sehnsucht, 2015

For her art project celebrating the inauguration of the museum ERLAUF ERINNERT in 2015, the artist Tatiana Lecomte chose to focus on the lives of Ernst Brod and Frank Schanzer, two citizens from the Erlauf area who were forced to flee from the Nazis. Her research resulted in the book Then Hitler invaded Austria. Vertreibung in die Sehnsucht (Then Hitler Invaded Austria. Forced into Longing), of which 1,500 copies were presented in the museum exhibition. The books stacked on a pallet not only formed a temporary artwork; visitors were also encouraged to take a copy home with them as a “piece of memory.” As the number of copies dwindled, the pile of books changed in appearance, serving both as a dynamic, interactive sculpture as well as a kind of a memorial against forgetting.